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I’m a Program Manager at Microsoft, focusing on Java.

I maintain the Azure Developer Center@javaonazure and the Java on Azure Facebook page.

Recent posts on the Azure blog, great Recommendations on LinkedIn

I created AzChat (Demo, GitHub)


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I’m a Program Manager at Microsoft, focusing on Java.  I currently work with the Java community and internal teams at Microsoft to enable Java developers, administrators, customers and partners to have a great experience on the cloud with Microsoft Azure.  I’m a frequent presenter at conferences and meetups.  Before this role I was working with Microsoft’s open source customers and partners in a variety of technologies and languages.

I maintain the Azure Developer Center@javaonazure and the Java on Azure Facebook page.

Recent posts on the Azure blog, great Recommendations on LinkedIn

I created AzChat (Demo, GitHub)

ISVs and partners I have been working with recently include CloudBees, Pivotal (Spring), the Jenkins Foundation, LightBend (formerly TypeSafe), Azul, Red Hat (the JBOSS Team), HazelCast, New Relic, DataStax, MongoDB (and MongoLab), Payara, and others.

I have 20+ years IT and business experience, with a deep background in open source starting in the late 1980s. I’m also a frequent speaker and author for open source, big data and the cloud. My prior experience includes developing and delivering big data solutions for IBM, Deloitte and others.


Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
August 2015 – Present

Current responsibilities include building and maintaining an engaged Java community to help Microsoft develop cloud-based Java tooling, managed services and solutions.  This includes speaking at conferences and meetups, working with partners such as CloudBees, Pivotal, Jenkins, CodEnvy, Red Hat, HazelCast, LightBend (formerly TypeSafe) and others.

I also advise and educate internal Microsoft teams on the Java and node.js communities and industry landscape, and how Microsoft can effectively engage open source communities.

I created the Azure Chat for Java application, used by field resources, customers and partners worldwide to show customers and prospects how to work with Java on Azure.  It highlights all the features of the Azure SDK for Java in one running application. (Live demo, full explanation on GitHub)

I maintain the Azure Developer Center@javaonazure and the Java on Azure Facebook page.  Recent posts on the Azure blog, great Recommendations on LinkedIn

Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
November 2012 – August 2015

Promoting and demonstrating open source softwareh solutions on the cloud using Microsoft Azure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms.  Creating go-to-market materials, campaigns and strategies that resonate with customers and partners. Enabling collaboration between Microsoft product groups, open source software communities and associated third parties to improve interoperability between Azure, LAMP, NoSQL, big data,  virtual machines, functional languages, integration technologies, search platforms, Web frameworks, and Web sites.
Worked with vendors, partners, community members, and internal Microsoft resources to deliver code, demos and related content (blog posts, presentations, tutorials, demos, screencasts, etc.) around the following MS Open Tech areas of focus:

  • Java: Oracle JDK, Azul Zulu JDK, Eclipse and other Java Dev Tools
  • Reactive Programming: Scala, Play Framework, Akka, ActorFx, Reactive Extensions
  • Oracle on Azure: Oracle DB, WebLogic Server, Oracle Linux
  • IBM on Azure: DB2, WebSphere, MQ
  • PaaS Services: MongoLab (MongoDB as a Service), Cloudant (CouchDB as a Service))
  • BI, integration and Big Data: Jaspersoft, OData, AMQP, OSS Integration with Hadoop
  • OSS Mgmt/DevOps Technologies: Nagios, Zabbix, Jenkins, Hudson, Zookeeper
  • LAMP offerings: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki, phpBB, Symfony
  • Other cool stuff: ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Pages, SignalR and the Entity Framework projects, and Katana

I presented and met with communities at several conferences, including CouchDBConf, MongoDB Seattle, ChefConf, EclipseCon, Lucene / Solr Revolution, ApacheCon, MongoDB SF, MongoSV, Build, DevIntersection / Anglebrackets, LinuxFest Northwest, TechEd, MongoDB World, OSCON, TechEd Europe, and numerous technology Meetups.

Solution Architect at Stream Integration
January 2012 – October 2012

Accomplishments: Planned and delivered MDM, Analytics, Data Models, and Information Governance

Solutions to government and business. Estimating effort and costs, preparing, delivering and presenting

Professional service proposals and SOWs.

Responsibilities: Defining, planning, and implementing MDM, Analytics, and Information Governance solutions.

Developing and enhancing Stream Integration’s solution and service marketing materials for delivery to customers at conferences and online. Participating in the IBM Information Governance Council on Stream’s behalf.

Benefits: Customers realized enhanced value from Stream Integration’s MDM, Analytics, Data Governance, and Information Governance solutions.

Solution Architect at Perficient
September 2011 – January 2012

Accomplishments: Planned and delivered Enterprise Data Warehouse, SOA, MDM, Analytics, Data Models,

Data Governance and Information Governance solutions to several Perficient Customers. Prepared and delivered proposals and SOWs.

Responsibilities; Defined, planned, and implemented SOA, EDW, MDM, Analytics, Data Governance and

Information Governance solutions.

Benefits: Successfully planned and delivered several solutions on time and on budget.

Team Lead /IT Architect at Deloitte Recap LLC
May 2010 – September 2011

Accomplishments: Leveraged 20+ years of software development and database architecture experience to develop the Deloitte Recap Web site (www.recap.com). Deloitte Recap provides analysis of more than 20 years of historical life sciences industry data ranging from alliance formations to intellectual property ownership and clinical trials. The Web site delivers advanced real-time analytics based on more than 50GB of data in 300,000+ documents to thousands of customers.

Responsibilities: defining, planning, and implementing the Deloitte Recap Web site, systems and infrastructure architecture, application development, system administration, application migration/upgrades, and user/developer mentoring and training. Managed Data Internal Governance initiatives related to acquired People, processes and Technology. Planned and Implemented customer and analytics Data Modeling / Data Quality / Data Cleansing Initiatives internally and externally.

Benefits: Numerous new and complex real-time life sciences analytics products, tools and services were delivered to customers.

Solution Architect at DataVida
March 2009 – September 2011

Accomplishments: Founded DataVida (datavida.com), a company providing independent consulting and implementation services to clients worldwide for Custom Analytics, Information Governance, and Master Data Management Solutions, including Information Governance plans and Maturity Assessments, Solution analysis and comparison, data profiling / data quality analysis, extraction and cleansing, data modeling, XML, DTD and schema design, XBRL solutions, data integration strategy, SOA Governance, Data Delivery, Presentation and Reporting.

WW Principal Consultant at IBM
September 2007 – March 2009

Accomplishments: Delivered threat and fraud intelligence (TFI) solutions to governments and organizations worldwide using IBM’s Identity Insight (Entity Analytic) Solutions and Master Data Management (MDM) offerings. Principal consultants work with customers, business partners, IBM sales, project managers, and legal and implementation teams to manage relationships and ensure customer satisfaction during IBM product and service engagements.

Responsibilities include estimating solution budgets and resources, drafting and negotiating contracts, managing solution delivery and customer expectations during implementation, and cultivating customer references. Developed tools for estimation and planning, and contract templates.

Benefits: The implemented systems have delivered benefits ranging from preventing terrorism and saving lives to discovering money laundering schemes and avoiding mortgage fraud. The estimation tools have reduced the cost of producing a solution services estimate by 70-80% while improving estimate accuracy and reducing sales cycles. The contract templates have reduced misunderstandings by clearly defining common implementation issues and their related assumptions.


Senior Consultant at IBM
March 2006 – September 2007

Accomplishments: Provided services to clients of the IBM Identity Insight (Entity Analytic) Solutions Group.

Delivered threat and fraud intelligence (TFI) solutions to foreign and domestic government and corporate clients. Customer projects included Information Governance plans and Maturity Assessments, data modeling, data profiling / data quality analysis, extraction and cleansing, SOA Governance, XML, DTD and Schema design, and Data integration strategy Solutions included border security for foreign governments, money laundering detection for banks, and fraud detection for foreign and domestic stock exchanges. Created several XML-based ETL / data quality analysis tools. Advised and supported Analytics product engineering and QA. Assisted in the development of MDM and Analytics implementation processes. Produced extensive product and project documentation.

Benefits: Every solution implementation exceeded expectations, resulting in benefits such as safer international borders and less bank and stock fraud. The XML-based ETL tools and processes helped deliver projects on time and on budget, as well as enhancing solution offerings and implementation processes.


Systems Architect at Bechtel SAIC Corporation
March 2004 – March 2006

Accomplishments: Responsible for email and data archival and compliance-based data governance based on

Federal Government regulations. Planned and completed multiple governance and implementation projects with tight deadlines and complex deliverables. Provided guidance and training to development and admin teams. Designed, implemented and managed a customized Software Configuration Management (SCM) process. Planned and managed the migration of applications and email to new systems and platforms.

Benefits: The application and mail archiving system provided access balanced with security for previously inaccessible data and exceeded regulatory requirements for security and accessibility. The SCM process improved the quality and efficiency of software development and assisted in achieving CMM level 2 certification for the IT group.


Solution Architect, Consultant at Benz Technologies, Inc.
September 1994 – September 2004

Accomplishments: Owned and operated an IT Consulting and Training Business / IBM Business Partnership.

Leveraged more than 20 years of technology industry experience to provide services to various projects to companies worldwide.

Clients included IBM, Wachovia Bank, Panasonic, Lexis-Nexis, John Wiley and Sons, NEC, BellSouth, Bell

Canada, and Air Liquide.

Solutions Included data governance, data quality assessments / data profiling, data modeling, business intelligence, business partner management, Maturity Assessments (CMM), competitive intelligence, content management, corporate budgeting, CRM, custom documentation, custom training materials, enterprise information delivery, group faxing, help desk support, agreement tracking, asset tracking, Infrastructure migration and upgrades, mailing list management, new business opportunity evaluation, process management, product development, project proposal management, repair (RMA) tracking, resource planning, software configuration management (SCM), system and infrastructure audits, Web applications, Web newsletters, Web portals, Web service development, workflow, and XML content syndication.

Responsibilities included solution budget and resource estimation, sales, project management, consulting, systems and infrastructure architecture, implementation, application development, system administration, messaging/application migration/upgrades, and customized user/developer training. Authored/co-authored three technical books and numerous articles. Presented dozens of IT seminars and lectures at conferences worldwide.

Benefits: Numerous complex IT solutions were delivered on time and on budget. Thousands of IT professionals have read my books and articles, attended my seminars, and used my advice and techniques to successfully deliver IT solutions.


Project Manager, Systems Development at Air Liquide
March 1993 – September 1995

Accomplishments: Developed the corporate intranet. Managed a staff of seven developers and administrators that implemented a messaging and groupware infrastructure, and migrated messaging systems. Created applications for sales and lead management, collections tracking, safety information (MSDS) distribution, and help desk support.

Managed an eight-person team to customize a data warehouse and operations system. Planned, developed and implemented a distributed accounting system for order entry, invoicing, inventory, purchasing, payables and general ledger.

Benefits: The new systems resulted in a 35% cost reduction by increasing process efficiencies. The implementation of the new messaging and groupware systems reduced travel and administration costs by exploiting new ways of communication and access to information within the company and with customers.

Early Career – Sales, Analyst, Developer, Systems Administrator
March 1983 – March 1993

In my early career (1983-1993) I developed my technical, leadership, sales ana marketing skills while working for several companies, in Canada (Seaboard Life Insurance, Sunny Hills Hospital, MicroAge), the UK (NatWest

Bank, County Unit Trusts), and Australia (AMP Society, Agoston Douglas and Partners).


English (Native or bilingual proficiency)

French (Elementary proficiency)

Spanish (Limited working proficiency)


IBM Lotus Notes/Domino principal application developer (PCLP)

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Systems Administrator(CLP)

IBM certified instructor (CLI)

IBM e-business solutions architect

IBM e-business solutions advisor

IBM Initiate MDM Master Data Service Professional


Great Recommendations on LinkedIn  www.linkedin.com/in/brianbenz/



An example of what I do: Interview at Devoxx France: Presentation at Devoxx France:



Java on Microsoft Azure: (02) Access Control, Storage, and Tables Explore a sample application we’ve put together to showcase services and APIs that Java developers can use to build applications on Azure. See how the sample app uses services via the Azure SDK for Java for Access Control, blob storage, table storage, and SQL databases.


Java on Microsoft Azure: (03) SQL Azure, Service Bus, Media Services Continue to look at examples from the sample application that links Azure and the Azure SDK for Java to implement media services for video encoding and streaming, and service bus to manage uploading and processing of video, along with expiry of media, post text, comments, and likes.


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